Nikolay Alexandrovich Alexeyev, the face of Russian LGBT rights, retires.

In an email sent to supporters last week, the 34-year-old said he would no longer head Moscow Pride and but gave little reason for his decision.

In a Facebook post, he wrote:

Dear friends … today on 21 October 2011, one year anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights verdict in the case of illegality of Moscow Pride bans, I decided to resign from the positions of the head of Russian LGBT Human Rights Project and head of Moscow Pride Organizing Committee. From midnight 21 October 2011 in Moscow and up to the decision on the new leadership, Project will be headed by Nikolay Baev and Moscow Pride Organizing Committee by Alexander Naumchik.

Speaking to, he added:

It is true that I am fed up, and that is why I decided to step down. I also decided not to give any further comments on my decision.

Mr Baev, who will take over, said:

The reason [for Alexeyev’s resignation] is totally personal. He just decided to change his activity and lifestyle, and he has a full right to this.

Alexeyev, a former journalist, turned his attention to full-time gay rights campaigning in 2005, setting up and making plans for a Pride march in Moscow.

He has appeared regularly on Russian television and has been honoured for his work by LGBT organisations worldwide.

He has been arrested on numerous occasions for holding illegal Pride marches and gay rights demonstrations and launched lawsuits against Moscow authorities for banning the events.

Last September, the campaigner was arrested at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow while boarding a plane to Geneva.

He says he was kidnapped and possibly drugged by Russian security forces who detained him for more than two days and used his phone to send fake messages claiming he was dropping his legal challenges.

Russian judge: Court ruling on gay pride ban culturally insensitive.
The Army of One – Nikolay Alexandrovich Alexeyev


Lunatic threatens police.

The police in Oslo has surrounded and apartment on Kaldbakken where a man, believed to be armed with an M72 antitank weapon, is threatening to kill anyone trying to enter his apartment.

The commanding officer at the scene, Tor Grøttum, says:

The suspect has told us that he will kill anyone trying to enter the apartment, and that he is armed with an M72 antitank weapon but we aren´t sure if that’s correct.

I wonder what goes through these peoples heads. What makes you go all whacky in the brain?


Tha man was arrested at around 10:30, and so far the police haven´t found any weapons in his apartment.

Forced to witness mass-murder.

A norwegian art student, aged 26, was kidnapped by iranian militia and forced to watched while they tortured and brutally murdered protesters during the riot in Teheran last year.

All I could think about was, when is it my turn? How will they kill me? the student tells the norwegian newspaper VG.

The student’s story emerges from a document from the American Embassy in Oslo, leaked through WikiLeaks this week.

Read the entire story here (Norwegian).