In memoriam, Steven Paul Jobs.

Rest in peace Mr. Jobs, your contribution to everyday technology is unforgettable.


Death penalty part of the Ungandan anti-gay bill may be removed.

A MP behind the Ugandan anti-gay bill has said that the death penalty portion is likely to be removed.
The legislation which has caused outrage worldwide featured a mandatory death sentence for active homosexuals living with HIV and life imprisonment for anyone convicted of a homosexual act.

Speaking to the Associated Press, MP David Bahati said:

The death penalty is something we have moved away from, many people have expressed concern about that provision providing for the death sentence and I’m sure when we start hearings on that bill, we will hear many more concerns

Bahati said his group would go along if the committee handling the bill wanted to remove that part of legislation.

The legislation is expected to come up for vote by mid-may and has been condemned by many, including US President Barack Obama.

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Back from the dead.

The Digital Death campaign benefitting the Keep A Child Alive organisation ended today, so all your favourite people to stalk online is back from the dead.

All this thanks to billionaire Stewart Rahr who donated around $500K to the Digital Death campaign.

Remember that there are about 15 million orphaned children in Africa due to the AIDS epidemic – show that you care, and visit the Keep A Child Alive website and help out.