Nikolay Alexandrovich Alexeyev, the face of Russian LGBT rights, retires.

In an email sent to supporters last week, the 34-year-old said he would no longer head Moscow Pride and but gave little reason for his decision.

In a Facebook post, he wrote:

Dear friends … today on 21 October 2011, one year anniversary of the European Court of Human Rights verdict in the case of illegality of Moscow Pride bans, I decided to resign from the positions of the head of Russian LGBT Human Rights Project and head of Moscow Pride Organizing Committee. From midnight 21 October 2011 in Moscow and up to the decision on the new leadership, Project will be headed by Nikolay Baev and Moscow Pride Organizing Committee by Alexander Naumchik.

Speaking to, he added:

It is true that I am fed up, and that is why I decided to step down. I also decided not to give any further comments on my decision.

Mr Baev, who will take over, said:

The reason [for Alexeyev’s resignation] is totally personal. He just decided to change his activity and lifestyle, and he has a full right to this.

Alexeyev, a former journalist, turned his attention to full-time gay rights campaigning in 2005, setting up and making plans for a Pride march in Moscow.

He has appeared regularly on Russian television and has been honoured for his work by LGBT organisations worldwide.

He has been arrested on numerous occasions for holding illegal Pride marches and gay rights demonstrations and launched lawsuits against Moscow authorities for banning the events.

Last September, the campaigner was arrested at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow while boarding a plane to Geneva.

He says he was kidnapped and possibly drugged by Russian security forces who detained him for more than two days and used his phone to send fake messages claiming he was dropping his legal challenges.

Russian judge: Court ruling on gay pride ban culturally insensitive.
The Army of One – Nikolay Alexandrovich Alexeyev


In memoriam, Steven Paul Jobs.

Rest in peace Mr. Jobs, your contribution to everyday technology is unforgettable.

Homosexuality can be cured, Salvation Army says.

The Salvation Army’s all-inclusive congregation policy does not extend to homosexuals, Swedish broadcasters TV4 claimed on Sunday evening.

During an undercover news report broadcast on one of Sweden’s biggest channels, Salvation Army leaders told a covert journalist working for news programme “Kalla Fakta” (Cold Facts) that he, being a gay man, could not join the army originally formed in London in 1865. Instead, an officer offered to “cure” him through prayer.

The programme also claimed that the Salvation Army was involved in an agreement with Africa’s Malawi Council of Churches, which comprised of voting for the imprisonment of gay men.

Despite Sweden being the first country in the world to remove homosexuality as an illness, local SA officers told the journalist that homosexuality is “fundamentally wrong”.

The Salvation Army’s basic position is that homosexual sex is a sin. The Bible says a man shouldn’t sleep with a man in the way he sleeps with a woman, one chapter leader told the TV4 reporter. Anatomically we are not shaped that way, so in that sense I do think it is wrong, another soldier said.

The Salvation Army now accuses the Swedish TV programme of infringement.

There is no revelation, there is no surprise, there is just a cheap but costly straining after sensationalism, a Salvation Army spokesperson in Sweden said. We interpret the Bible in a way that defines sex as something that should happen within marriage and as something between a man and a woman.

The top officer of The Swedish Salvation Army appeared live in the programme on Sunday, ignoring questions about whether homosexuals were included in their “all inclusive” policy. She claimed no knowledge of the MCC agreement.

The Salvation Army was founded by William and Catherine Booth in London in 1865 and are although describing themselves as “mainstream protestant” considered to be practising Biblical literalism.

I don´t know where the salvation army get their gay-sex facts, but to be fair gay men don´t have sex with men the way you have sex with women – thats kinda not possible, so if the reason gay-sex is wrong is that the bible says: a man shouldn’t sleep with a man in the way he sleeps with a woman, then I can´t see that gay-sex is forbidden.

40 year old social experiment might come to an end.

The last decades disagreement between the citizens of the Freetown Christiania in Denmark’s capitol Copenhagen and the Danish government might have come to an end after a court ruling, earlier this year, decided that the government get the right to decide the future of the settlement. The citizens on the other hand says that the fight is far from over.

Today the Christianians closed all access to the town for the general public, and both the legal and illegal businesses have been closed until further notice. This is the first time in the towns 40-year-old history that the gates are closed for the general public.

The Danish government have a plan of developement for the area which will result in the demolition of some of the occupied buildings to make way to new construction. But some of the buildings are considered to have historic value and will be restored.

A spokesperson for the Freetown of Christiania is calling it the liquidation of the self-managed social experiment as we know it.

For more information, and info on how to support Christiania –

Death penalty part of the Ungandan anti-gay bill may be removed.

A MP behind the Ugandan anti-gay bill has said that the death penalty portion is likely to be removed.
The legislation which has caused outrage worldwide featured a mandatory death sentence for active homosexuals living with HIV and life imprisonment for anyone convicted of a homosexual act.

Speaking to the Associated Press, MP David Bahati said:

The death penalty is something we have moved away from, many people have expressed concern about that provision providing for the death sentence and I’m sure when we start hearings on that bill, we will hear many more concerns

Bahati said his group would go along if the committee handling the bill wanted to remove that part of legislation.

The legislation is expected to come up for vote by mid-may and has been condemned by many, including US President Barack Obama.

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Is Leonardo da Vinci´s boytoy The Mona Lisa?

Is Leonardo da Vinci´s student, and some historians claim; male lover, Gian Giacomo Caprotti – depicted above as John the Baptist – the person Leo modelled his mysterious Mona Lisa after?

One researcher, at least, is sure. Silvano Vinceti presented his findings this week, after years of research into the unknown origins of the Mona Lisa model.

The Mona Lisa Painting has been source to much controversy, and the fact that it´s painted over many years have fueled speculations for decades.

To be honest i do see a resemblance between Gian as John the Baptist and Mona Lisa, so maybe Silvano is right?

Shame on you Uganda!

One of the leaders of the LGBT movement in Uganda; or SMUG, The Sexual Minorities Uganda – David Katos was killed last night in his own home. According to witnesses a man drove up to Katos´ house in the middle of the day, attacked him, and then drove off. Kato was declared dead on his way to the hospital.

This isn´t the first gay bashing, resulting in death, in Uganda. In Uganda homosexuality is punishable by life in prison, and the media regularly run hate campaigns against LGBT people – portraying them as pedophiles, rapists and criminals. The Ugandan government does little, or nothing, to prevent the infectious decrease of false truths and threats that runs through Uganda today.

Katos was one of many LGBT people outed by the newspaper “Rolling Stone” last year under the headline: “Hang them”. This “exposé” was a series of pictures, names and addresses of both known and unknown members of the LGBT community. Katos and two others sued the newspaper and won, and some speculate that the combination of the article and the later win over the newspaper in court is the reason for the attack on Katos.

The world need to take a stand, and condemn the anti-gay propaganda that´s been getting worse by the minute since the anti-gaylaw was proposed in 2009. This isn´t suppose to happen in 2011.