40 year old social experiment might come to an end.

The last decades disagreement between the citizens of the Freetown Christiania in Denmark’s capitol Copenhagen and the Danish government might have come to an end after a court ruling, earlier this year, decided that the government get the right to decide the future of the settlement. The citizens on the other hand says that the fight is far from over.

Today the Christianians closed all access to the town for the general public, and both the legal and illegal businesses have been closed until further notice. This is the first time in the towns 40-year-old history that the gates are closed for the general public.

The Danish government have a plan of developement for the area which will result in the demolition of some of the occupied buildings to make way to new construction. But some of the buildings are considered to have historic value and will be restored.

A spokesperson for the Freetown of Christiania is calling it the liquidation of the self-managed social experiment as we know it.

For more information, and info on how to support Christiania – www.christiania.org


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