Shame on you Uganda!

One of the leaders of the LGBT movement in Uganda; or SMUG, The Sexual Minorities Uganda – David Katos was killed last night in his own home. According to witnesses a man drove up to Katos´ house in the middle of the day, attacked him, and then drove off. Kato was declared dead on his way to the hospital.

This isn´t the first gay bashing, resulting in death, in Uganda. In Uganda homosexuality is punishable by life in prison, and the media regularly run hate campaigns against LGBT people – portraying them as pedophiles, rapists and criminals. The Ugandan government does little, or nothing, to prevent the infectious decrease of false truths and threats that runs through Uganda today.

Katos was one of many LGBT people outed by the newspaper “Rolling Stone” last year under the headline: “Hang them”. This “exposé” was a series of pictures, names and addresses of both known and unknown members of the LGBT community. Katos and two others sued the newspaper and won, and some speculate that the combination of the article and the later win over the newspaper in court is the reason for the attack on Katos.

The world need to take a stand, and condemn the anti-gay propaganda that´s been getting worse by the minute since the anti-gaylaw was proposed in 2009. This isn´t suppose to happen in 2011.


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