Maria Amelie – send her home, or let her stay?

Thousands of people gathered outside the office of the Justicedepartment in Oslo demonstrating the decision to send the illegal immigrant Marie Amelie from Caucasus back home. Over and over again she have got denied asylum and residence permissions.

She got arrested after she held a presentation in Lillehammer, and when she was finished eight police officers waited for her. The reason she got arrested is the fact that she is in Norway ILLEGALLY, and she told her story in a book, and after that she been the face of paperless immigrants. It is a complicated case, because she has been her all her life, speaks the language and even studied here – how she got into a school without an ID I have no idea.

So the demonstrators is of the opinion that she deserves to stay – she is more of less an norwegian girl. But the case have been through the justicesystem over and over again – with the same result. She has no right to be here.

So I wonder, is it just because she is a media favourite?

We need equality for the law, and she is here illegally, so she should be sent home. If she get to stay, we set a precedence that if you just hide long enough – you automatically get to stay. That won´t work.


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