Just throw away the key…

I wouldn´t say I´m all for the death penalty, not even life in prison – but in some cases I just can´t help wanting the perps either dead or locked away forever, just dump them in a hole, seal it and throw away the key. These feelings are usually linked to crimes against children, but also sexual abuse/rape.

And this week a case came up that actually made me sick – the kind of sick Josef Fritzl made me. It´s the gruesome tale of some children, under the age of 14, who have been sexually abused and taken compromising photos of by their own mother. She didn´t act alone though, their stepfather and a couple of neighbours also joined in once in a while.

As if that wasn´t enough the mother wanted her boyfriend to empragnent her youngest daughter when she turned 16, and this was – according to the stepfather – just another step to get a new child to abuse.

They also told the police that on of the victims is autistic so they didn´t think she would mind it – she didn´t express any discomfort – that´s just crazy!

And due to the fact that the norwegian legal system is a joke, they won´t get prosecuted to the full extent of the law, wich in these types of crimes is 21 years in prison – same as murder – they´ll end up with spending maybe 12-15 years – tops – at the so-called prisons we have here. Some would call it a holiday resort.

Well thats enough ranting for one post. I just can´t help not understanding their motives. They say they get turned on by children, but that doesn´t meen you shold rape them? I mean, WHY??!, do people rape in general? I just don´t see what motivates them. It´s not like most murders for instance, I don´t like murder either, but at least I can wrap my head around that primal switch that clicks in some people. And the motivations is usually more obvious. Like love, hate, jealousy, betrayl – these are things I sort of understand why people can kill over.



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