One can dream…

I really want super powers. Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy or even lactokinesis (check out Misfits, a british tv show if you don´t know what lactokinesis is). Of course, most of all – I want to be immortal, not invincible, just immortal. Because if you heal fast etc, you can´t even get drunk anymore! And then what are you going to do for ETERNITY! But to be immortal would be nice, like if you die you wake up all healed up some time later. That would be nice.

I often fantasizes about that everyone actually got super powers, but few have unlocked that part of the brain yet. Like those cases where people seem to have burned from the inside out, spontaneous combustion or what it´s called, what if they just unlocked their super power and couldn´t control it. That their power were pyrokinesis. And that some psychics actually are what they say they are. And of course the new age crap of healing hands, might be true, that their power is healing, but they can´t control it properly so they can´t heal everything.

Anyway… That would be awesome. And science will take us there, I´m sure – or at least I like to think so! 🙂


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