Neil P. Harris tweets that Eric Braeden is a dirtbag.

The Young and the Restless actor Eric Braeden pulled out of a How I Met Your Mother guest starring role last minute – and Neil Patrick Harris is none too pleased.

“Eric Braeden is a D-Bag,” Harris fumed on Twitter Friday. “The actor, (Robin’s dad) agreed to a cameo, then last night bailed, saying the part wasn’t ‘substantial’ enough. We’ve recast with Ray Wise, a fantastic actor who makes any part ‘substantial’. Super excited to welcome him to the family!”

Braeden appeared in a 2008 episode as Robin Scherbatsky’s (played by Cobie Smulders) father.


One response to “Neil P. Harris tweets that Eric Braeden is a dirtbag.

  1. Harris is quite the “d” himself..

    I watched him on Craig Ferguson’s late late show the other night and was incensed he griped about how much he paid for breast milk for his brand new babies.

    he rolled his eyes, and saracastically asked “how hard is it to attach a pump and, you know – there it is!” as he gestured. terribly poor taste.

    considering he had to have someone grow the children for him in HER body, and then give birth to them for HIM, you’d think he’d be grateful some woman is willing to sell him the milk from her own body. but no, he’s bitching about being a gazillionaire and paying less for breast milk as he likely pays for fancy water?

    TO NEAL: FYI, dumbass, it’s not an easy thing to physically pump breast milk

    1) breast pumps easily damage sensitive breast tissue and are often uncomfortable, even painful
    2) milk supplier must limit her diet to approved intake
    3) also must eschew exposure to many random things
    4) especially may not take any medication
    5) consideration of the woman’s partner for whom the breasts are pretty much off limits while lacatating for months etc…

    NPH lost a viewer that night. i don’t care if he thought he was being clever or funny.

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