Norwegian gay men – not safe enough.

In the norwegian gay scene, HIV is  spreading like before, despite a decrease in the the world wide spread. So far this year there been reported 200 new cases of HIV infection. And gay men dominate those statistics, around 85 of these cases are gay men.

Rubber up norwegians!

There are about 4000 living with HIV in Norway, and 50 million in the world.


The future for gay parents?

Mice with two genetic fathers and no biological mother have been created by scientists in the United States.

According to the study published in the journal Biology of Reproduction, the offspring was conceived in Texas by genetically manipulating egg cells to only contain male material.

By restructuring cell content from XX to XY, it meant that when the sperm fertilised the egg, it was done using male sperm and a ‘male’ egg. And now, according to the pioneer behind the stem cell research, it could create a blueprint for two men to have their own children without women.
The study was led by Richard R. Berhringer at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

It has been a weird project, but we wanted to see if it could be done, he told the Evening Standard.
Some day two men could produce their own genetic sons and daughters.”

Forced to witness mass-murder.

A norwegian art student, aged 26, was kidnapped by iranian militia and forced to watched while they tortured and brutally murdered protesters during the riot in Teheran last year.

All I could think about was, when is it my turn? How will they kill me? the student tells the norwegian newspaper VG.

The student’s story emerges from a document from the American Embassy in Oslo, leaked through WikiLeaks this week.

Read the entire story here (Norwegian).

HIV, a thing of the past?

An american man with HIV is cured after a bone marrow transplant, german scientists say.

It was back in 2007 the american who then both had HIV and blood cancer, he got treated for the cancer with a bone marrow transplant. It turns out that the donor had the genetic mutation making you immune to the HIV virus, and it some how cured him.

Today, almost four years after the transplant, the patient is still HIV free, and there is no sign of it hiding anywhere in his body.

The results conclude that we have, in fact, cured this patient of the HIV virus, the germans say.