Health people gone wild!

The European Union is about to pass a law that makes it illegal for tobacco companies to use the packaging for marketing purposes. This got to be the stupidest attack on smokers ever. I mean, if you already smoke you wont care if there´s a logo on the box or not. And it´s not like you will start to smoke just because they have a fancy box. If you want to start smoking then you will – the nice thing about humans is that we got FREE WILL!

Sociologist and principal at Markedsføringshøyskolen in Oslo, Trond Bilndheim, thinks that the EU should ban cigarettes all together as there is nothing to gain by smoking. He compares cigarettes to asbestos saying:

Why don´t we sell asbestos anymore? It´s sort of the same thing.

Well, with that logic, if you should outlaw everything that doesn´t have some sort of health benefit, then we can just as well outlaw alcohol, fastfood and so on. No one is forcing anyone to harm themselves, but if someone chooses to have a fag they should be able to.


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