In hindsight…

I really don´t have anything to complain about. In an earlier post I complained about the cold weather, but I came over an article that made me think about it. It´s one of those things that you know of, but you get a little stunned every time you hear about it. That there are homeless people in one of the richest countries on the globe. It´s embarresing.

This is Hans Petter, aged 41, from Oslo. He is homeless, but been lucky so far this winter and had a roof over his head. But tonight he´s not sure. With temperatures around -10°C he might be in for a hard night.

You get used to it, Hans Petter says to VGNett.

Hans Petter isn´t alone. It´s about 40 or so homeless people that we know of in Oslo. It can´t be that expensive to lodge 40 people over the winter? I´m sure it´s cheaper then the resources going to the health sector out patrolling to make sure they don´t freeze to death. And some of the resources used by some ideal-organisations could be used towards other things. I´m not saying it´s bad to help them, and I salute the health personnel and the volunteers that are out every night helping those less fortunate, but I think that in a country like Norway the government could provide shelter, at least over the winter, and not some shared living situation, but they could get their own small apartments.

Everyone deserves a warm bed to sleep in at night. And we go out of our way to help people in poor countries, wich is a good thing in most cases, but we do little – or nothing – in our own backyard.


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